Matthew C. Copley


I have been involved with makeup, in some way or another, since I was seven or eight years old. It all started with "borrowing" my mother's AVON makeup so that I could transform the neighbor kids into the classic movie monsters. It has since evolved into my doing makeups for multiple stage plays, a slew of haunted houses, many photo shoots, a handful of feature films, a ton of student films, and even some work for Homeland Defense. I absolutely love the challenge of creating new and exciting makeups, and am always up for something different. I have very few quality photos of my work, and want very much to develop more of a portfolio. I am hoping to connect with some like-minded models and photographers who would be interested in working with me, so that we might all benefit from the collaboration. I am very open-minded, difficult to offend, and often up for just about anything. However, I will not work with flakes, thieves, liars, or whiners. And just so you know, I do not do glamour makeups. If you are wanting to do a shoot with a horde of zombies assaulting a pin up girl, I will be more than happy to provide the zombies, but you will need someone else to do the pin up girl. Just saying. If you are interested in doing something weird, bloody, disturbing, ghastly yet erotic, beautiful yet twisted, etc, etc . . . let me know.